OGL donates to Pam Evans ($500)

We love helping people out, that’s what we do. It’s why I started this organization in 2008. Pam Evans needed finical assistance and we came through! She sent us a beautiful Thank You letter which we wanted to share with you and in hopes gets you inspired.

Dear Randy,

I received the check from you and your organization in the amount of 500.00 and I am thrilled, overwhelmed and grateful!!!! It is with joyful heart that I will send Jefferson Radiology the check to offset the bill I received. I feel incredibly blessed and indebted to you and your organization for helping me.  As you may know I am a food server/bartender in the hospitality industry and had to take 2 weeks off after my breast lumpectomy due to the removal of 4 lymph nodes. When I can’t work I don’t get paid and your check was a total Godsend!!!! I have appointments tomorrow with both my radiologist and oncologist and am praying that I will only need 6 weeks of radiation to say goodbye to cancer, but I will find out tomorrow. Throughout this journey with cancer I have embraced the goodness of my family, friends, coworkers and regulars in the restaurants I work. I found a quote that embodies how I feel: “It is impossible to feel depressed and gratitude in the same moment.” I have had an abundance of gratitude, each step of this and you and your organization are definitely giving me joy in the goodness of humanity!!!! Thank you so much and thanks so much to my very dear friend, and charity worker extraordinaire Austin for thinking of me for this donation.


                                                                                      Pam Evans

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